Life is a beast.

Back in 2005 or so, I worked at The Comedy Union, one of the top comedy clubs in Los Angeles. I was a waitress. (And I was not good.) My job was to get chicken strips and frozen daiquiris in plastic hurricane cups out to laughing patrons without not only spilling drinks, but also making […]

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On Death and Taxes

According to a history that both excludes and includes me, there’s a 1789 quote in a letter by Benjamin Franklin which reads: “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Well. I’m not super political, but […]

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Knowing your NO

Back in 1990 or so I was the Social Coordinator for the New Student Orientation at Marquette University. What that means is I had a responsibility to the wide-eyed new freshmen…to entertain them, to show them a good time during their first week on campus. It was also my job to teach them what it […]

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How to Handle Your Shit

I studied acting in New York with a formidable black woman named Susan Batson. Her voice, raspy and brash, was tinged with a Boston accent, which made her extra tough. She sorta reminded me of Al Pacino in Heat, if he were neatly stuffed into the body of a petite black woman. Shrouded in a mane of […]

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Why Birthdays Are For Love.

On the eve of the celebration of my birth, I write this as a gift to myself. Because I must. I’m writing this from the cramped middle seat of a Frontiers flight from New York to Phoenix. I arrived in NY about two weeks ago when I fled the confines of Baltimore and the arresting […]

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